Back to the Stone Age?

Let us  trip back to the Stone Age! First stalk through the forest with the whole family and friends, discover animals or at least track their traces in the ground and listen to the chirping of birds, collect green branches and fresh wild garlic.

The flint stone

When everyone comes back hungry and raving from hunting through the forest, they will not find a "Brontoburger", known by the TV soap "Feuersteins" that captivated millions of viewers with their adventurous stone-age cartoons, but in the garden the barbecue grill is waiting to set fire to it and will soon start to sizzle on the barbecue grill.

Into the trees

Yabba-Dabba-Dabba-Doo "not only cheer the children when their sausages are finally finished and they can disappear in the next tree house to eat their meal and invent adventurous stories.

Resistance of genes

Meanwhile, many nutritionists are pleading for "stone-age nutrition". 1.5 million years ago, people began to eat more and more meat. For 700,000 years they have been hunting according to plan and for 100,000 years Homo Sapiens has been a perfect hunter. His food consisted mainly of meat - besides wild vegetables and fruit. Bone finds prove the good health of these hunters and gatherers. And they show that the genetic make-up of humans has hardly changed over the long term.

Kissed by the Stone Age

As modern people of the 21st century, we still carry the "Stone Age genes" within us. They want to get their rights. Less in animated cartoons, more wishing to stalk through the open countryside, in the preference for sizzling by the open fire and in the appetite for a good, tasty grilled piece of meat, wrapped in hearty marinade with many herbs.

Written by Brigitte Neumann