Children love chocolate

A chocolate bar from the Halloween prowl or children's birthday party, from grandparents or relatives, however, often provokes disapproval of the parents. After all, chocolate is sweet, rich and high in calories. Why doesn't the food industry finally invent the low-fat chocolate bar?"asked a politician at the congress on child nutrition in Berlin.


In the USA, the consequences of fat substitutes in sweets are already visible: The more they are consumed, the higher the number of overweight people. Now this correlation may be random. However, diets showed that despite calorie savings with fat substitutes, which have only half as many calories as the fat, the expected weight loss failed to materialize. Obviously, the human organism is more confused than directed in the right direction.

Moderate enjoyment

It is not just chocolate alone that is making more and more children become fat. According to Kiel studies, thin children eat just as much of it as overweight children. What's more, where children are allowed to eat a bar of chocolate, they don't need to secretly feed the whole bar. In the long term, adults' strategies and exemplary role models for the moderate handling of chocolate and sweets are certainly better alternatives than the development of low-calorie chocolate bars.

Written by Brigitte Neumann