Fresh chives rolls on bread and the first parsley tips in the soup: a treat for all those who are now also reaching for the light of spring with their diet.

The power of herbs was known long before Hildegard von Bingen, the great mystic of the Middle Ages. Since time immemorial, women in particular have collected a wide variety of species on the edges of forests and barren mountain slopes. They often treated the sick very successfully - and were often burned at the stake as witches, especially in the early modern period (ca.1560 A.D. to 1650 A.D.).

Her knowledge was not witchcraft but tradition and experience, looking at and learning what nature has to offer in healing, invigorating and defensive strengthening herbs.

Modern analysis has long since discovered that parsley, chives and many other fresh herbs are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential oils in the form of flavors and odors. Many herbs need rather barren soils with much light and sun to be able to form rich ingredients.

The herb women knew about the best gathering times and places. Their actions were integrated into the cycle of nature. This knowledge has not (yet) been lost. Now is the time for fresh chive bread - a bit hot, a bit spicy, a piece of living nature.


Harvest fresh herbs in the early morning hours

Organically grown herbs have a higher content of essential oils

Bitter herbs support digestive activity

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Author: Brigitte Neumann