Do we need food supplements?

Varied nutrition with natural foods usually contains all the nutrients the body needs in order to function properly. But those who feel tired, weak and weak often look for food supplements to correct this condition. A plus in minerals and vitamins is also supposed to bring a plus in well-being and performance.

Traditionally natural

Natural dietary supplements, in contrast to artificial vitamin and mineral blends, stand in a more than one hundred year old tradition. Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, dried and powdered mixtures of various spices and vegetables were sold as so-called nutrient salts with a high proportion of minerals. Above all, they should help weakened women get back on their feet.

Helpful in case of deficiency

However, not every state of exhaustion is due to a lack of nutrients. A night awake is a night's sleep with a cap - and no other therapy. Therefore, it is always advisable to clarify whether this type of therapy corrects a real deficiency before using minerals, vitamins and other active substances. Very one-sided nutrition, heavy physical and mental stress, sweat loss and gastrointestinal illnesses can make natural nutritional supplements meaningful.

Written by Brigitte Neumann