Approximately 8 litres of ice cream are licked, sucked, spooned and bite every German every year. Reason enough for psychologists to create a typology from the type of eating ice cream that defines the ice-biter as a fiery, active, lively, bubbling personality with a tendency towards infidelity and gives the pleasurable sweet tooth a keen sense of sensuality.

Those who eat their ice cream from bottom to top are regarded as conquering, intelligent and unbiased summiters, not free of loner brotherhood.

The silent partner tastes best to him the ice cream of his fellow men. From slightly clumsy to extremely clever, he conquers it. There should be hardly any limits to his creativity.

A love of order and a structured approach, a lot of patience and farsightedness characterize the sensible one, who already opens the paper of the ice-cream cone with special care. And the dynamic is full of zest for action and conquest, whose licking habits do not show any regularity.

These "character interpretations" should not be taken beastly seriously. The transitions are certainly just as smooth as the delicate enamel when it gets too hot.

No matter how you enjoy ice cream, especially milk ice cream, it is one of the "healthier sweets". According to the definition in the guidelines for ice cream and semi-finished ice cream products, it contains at least seventy percent milk and thus has long supplied not only sugar but also many important nutrients.