Hot on summer - hot on ice!

Approximately 8 litres of ice cream licks, sucks, spoons and bites every German every year. Reason enough for psychologists to create a typology from the type of ice-eating that defines the icebiter as a fiery, active, lively and bubbling personality with a penchant for infidelity and gives the gourmet mouth a great deal of sensuality.

Whoever eats his popsicle ice from the bottom up is considered a conquering, intelligent and unbiased summit striker, not free from idiosyncrasies.

The silent partner is somewhat different: he likes the ice cream of his fellow men best. From slightly awkward to extremely skillful, he conquers it. There should be no limits to his creativity.

A love of order and structured procedure, a lot of patience and far-sightedness characterize the sensible person, who opens the paper of the ice-cream cone with special care. And full of action and conquest is the dynamic, whose licking habits do not reveal regularities.

You should not take these "character interpretations" seriously. The transitions are certainly just as smooth as the delicate enamel when it gets too hot. 

No matter how ice cream enjoyment, especially milk ice cream, is one of the "healthier sweets". According to the definition in the guidelines for ice cream and semi-finished products, it contains at least seventy percent milk and thus provides not only sugar but also many important nutrients.

Written by Brigitte Neumann