American marketing strategists claim that the food of the future is called "nutraceutical". These will be products to which nutrients of all kinds are added against diseases. Orientation should then become much easier: From the wide range of products and services on offer, the company specifically selects what has been upgraded in terms of laboratory technology for the preservation of health.

The precursors are e.g. the long known nutrient-enriched sugar-crispy-crumbs, called cornflakes. They have already set new standards. We spend more than twice as much on oat flakes, which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

In the age of wellness and lifestyle culture, orientation towards health and fitness arguments is becoming increasingly important - also in the choice of food.

Naturally healthy food does not require artificial enrichment. Quality is also measured by taste. However, experts observe that more and more children and young people are no longer aware of what natural foods look like and what the fresh carrot tastes like. If this orientation is lost, the root that has allowed healthy eating habits to grow from time immemorial will atrophy. It is called: recognizing good food with all senses.

With the loss of the old orientation standards, we are well on the way to becoming "guinea pigs" for functional art cooks in laboratory kitchens. Nor could anyone care for and preserve them.

A brief summary of what is important:

Dietary habits are consolidated in the first years of life

Give your healthy appetite a chance and treat it to natural foods.

Functional food - that could be the apple or the potato. The only drawback is that they are rich in nutrients without having to be enriched.