Potatoes, apples, carrots, cabbage, leeks, onions, jam and pickled fruit from the garden for the winter season are increasingly rarely stored in cool cellars. The fly safe for wonderfully smoked meat and sausage products is also "out".

Weighty energy consumption
Modern storage is limited primarily to weekly shopping and to a freezer and refrigerator. It is always possible to have everything in sufficient quantity and good quality. In addition, most apartments lack suitable storage space. We afford this because - as the agricultural economist Professor von Alvenkoven explains - we have ever more efficient systems that guarantee an ever safer basic supply - provided there is no power outage.

These systems are divided into social systems that increasingly need more energy to cover their standard of living, e.g. they consume more and more oil, gas or electricity. This goes far beyond the microwave-heated deep-frozen meal, but that is also part of it. Some scientists hypothesize that the more energy a society consumes, the more often its members were overweight. And indeed, the nations with the highest energy consumption also have the most overweight people.

Capture - do not copy
We can learn from traditional stockpiling. Even if stockpiling no longer means collecting and hoarding in cellars, it rather means finding an energy-conscious orientation in the oversupply. Potatoes, bread, vegetables, fruit, meat and fresh milk in their simply naturally good quality offer an excellent energy balance for weekly shopping - for the belly and for the world in which we live. Provided you have learned to use their enormous potential and to prepare them in a variety of delicious ways.