... so that thinking can go in different directions. Only a few years ago it was thought that brain functions left much to be desired in old age, modern brain research knows that we are able to learn for life, whereby this ability to learn with increasing years is less based on the exploratory urge of childhood and youth and more on the experiences of the years already lived.
In order to specifically promote the memory of our brain, a wide variety of dietary supplements are now offered. The various ingredients, whether vitamin E or C, the B vitamins or the much praised lecithin, actually have all important functions in the metabolism of the brain. Nevertheless, science has not yet been able to provide convincing evidence that more of this in the form of pills and powders has a positive effect on the abundance of brain activity. This is probably primarily due to the fact that we take in sufficient quantities of these "substances of thought" with our daily food.

Priority must, however, be given to ensuring the energy supply to the brain cells. This is done exclusively with dextrose. In test or stress situations, a small glucose tablet often helps at short notice over a "low". In fact, potatoes, pasta, rice, bread and cereal products of all kinds, juicy fruit and crunchy vegetables with their carbohydrates provide the most effective source of glucose in the long term. At the same time - in contrast to bare glucose - they contain in abundance all the vitamins that the brain needs to work.

Milk, dairy products, cream, butter and especially egg yolk are excellent sources of lecithin. Lecithin is the substance that strengthens the nerves and thus provides more peace, calmness and concentration. But it is also responsible for ensuring that the cholesterol from the egg yolk does not lead to an increase in the blood cholesterol level when eating breakfast, scrambled or fried eggs. Meat is also food for the brain - both thanks to its many vitamins and the special protein components that promote a good mood.

However, a varied and enjoyable diet provides more than just nutrients. Regular meals in a relaxed atmosphere promote brain performance simply thanks to the resulting sense of well-being from which the head simply lets its thoughts flow more easily.