Watermelons - round and healthy

In the Mediterranean countries, the host always brings home the most delicious of all watermelons from the market. He has tapped, weighed and found his watermelon to be good. This watermelon should be as heavy as possible, because many people want to have a piece of it.

Berry in XXL size

Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) are related to the pumpkins and belong botanically as well as currants, spines or raspberries to the berry fruits. The largest harvest of watermelons is in China. Watermelons usually come to us from Spain or Greece. In the meantime, fruit growers who are keen to experiment have also created fields here in protected areas with the delicious fruits.

Heat resistant

The high season for watermelons is in high summer. A bite into the slightly red flesh reveals its secret: slightly sweet, fruity and full of juice refreshes and immediately quenches her thirst. At the same time, minerals that are lost when sweating are replaced. The fruit sugar of the watermelons provides easily digestible energy. This makes watermelons an excellent addition for summer picnics of all kinds.

Small but powerful!

It's not size that determines taste. There are also small tasty watermelons. The decisive factor is whether the fruit was able to ripen under ideal conditions. Bumpy, relatively heavy for its size and with a slightly hollow, deep sound - that is what distinguishes the best watermelons.

Written by Brigitte Neumann