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Balanced nutrition

Typical - everyone is different

Healthy is what tastes good and gets good. Can a balanced diet be so simple?

In principle, it can do that once you have discovered what kind of nutrition serves your own body. That one prefers salad plates, and the other prefers vegetable soup, a third prefers only a few vegetables and more potatoes and a fourth does not eat meat at all, but a fifth likes a schnitzel or a liver sausage bread, is not only a question of nutritional education, but has also been put into our cradle.

Molecular biologists are investigating this phenomenon by deciphering the information on individual processes. They have long since discovered that regulating digestive and metabolic processes is similar from person to person, but still different. “Polymorphism” is the technical term used to describe that, for example, a piece of sandwich is digested somewhat in one person than in another because of its different hereditary features. At the scientific level, he explains that “proper nutrition for all” cannot exist.

Modern researchers thus confirm observations that are already ancient. In all cultures there are the so-called “constitutional teachings”, which draw conclusions about nutritional needs from the body structure and temperament. Ayurveda, for example, is an Indian teaching that distinguishes between the fire type, the air type and the earth type. The constitution types Athletic, Leptosom, Pykniker of the Swabian psychiatrist Ernst Kretschmer (1888-1964) resemble her very much.

So the fire type or athlete likes to eat raw food plates, hearty food and grainy bread. Soups, fine bread and light fare get far better for the air type or leptosome, high shot, lean, while the earth type or pycnic connoisseur has to face the responsibility not to let his predisposition to obesity get out of hand too much, but also not to surrender to the false expectation of wanting to be slim.

These types of constitution - to which one almost always only corresponds - confirm that it is important to take responsibility and to discover for oneself which foods body, mind and soul will get and keep healthy. A high-quality, seasonally and regionally oriented selection of nutritious food is a valuable basis for this.

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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