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Despite and with cholesterol: acquittal for eggs and butter

Anyone who has so far only indulged in breakfast egg, omelette or fried egg with spinach with a guilty conscience, or for “health reasons” has given the all-clear: One egg a day does not increase cholesterol levels! And not doing so won’t let him down either!

But the realization is not so new. It results from Nurses’ Health Study, the largest and longest conducted American nutritional studies to date with over 100,000 adult participants. As early as 1999, researchers at Harvard University in Boston reported in the renowned scientific journal JAMA that I cannot increase cholesterol levels even with over one egg per day.

Hen’s eggs are a precious food with high-quality protein minerals and vital fat-soluble vitamins. For example, combining three potatoes with one egg is enough to cover an adult’s entire protein requirement for an entire day. And the hard-boiled egg with the sandwich is also a valuable addition to the menu. Even the butter, whether added as spreadable fat or to round off the meal, does not affect the cholesterol level!

Important facts in brief
Cholesterol is vital for building cell walls, regulatory substances such as hormones and bile acids, and the liver itself produces it.

Infants and young children need a high level of food cholesterol to develop the brain and nerve tissue. After breast milk is egg yolk, butter and cream are excellent sources of fat to meet the need.

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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