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Listen to the silence

"The Path of Meditation,"
 on the monastery island Isola San Giulio in Lake Orta (Northern Italy)

Leave the “I” and the “MY” behind you.

Silence is the peace of the ego.

Every journey begins near.

In silence you inhale God.

The walls are in your mind.

In silence you meet the Master.

Open your being.

Silence is truth and prayer.

This is the time: today, here, now.

Silence is music and harmony.

Take care of yourself, grow, become, mature!

Just be as you are.

In silence, you accept everything.

The wise man smiles when he’s wrong.

In silence, you accept and understand.

If you are, who you are,
then you are everything.

Listen to the water, to the wind,
on your footsteps...

If you’ve become aware,
the journey is over.

Listen to the silence.

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